Matt Glorion Software Developer

Things I like to do

I'm a french Software Developer, studying Data Science & Logistics at the University of Technology of Compiègne.


I love building tools and automating things, just for the sake of it. Check my github to see some of my experiments.

Exploring data

Data is a powerful asset that everyone should be able to use, and that's why I've contributed to build the DataVenture community.

Digging music

I like to spend time to search, sort and share gems I find in multiple places of the Internet. You can find some of my playlists here. I recently launched a radio show at a local radio, Graf'Hit.

Some Projects

DataVenture logo


Knowing how to explore and use data is a powerful tool that everyone should know how to use. That's why I've cofounded DataVenture, an open community of students created to promote de value of Data Science for all in our university.

We've organized various workshops & conferences on ML / AI topics, and developed partnerships (talks and projects) with major tech organizations (Facebook AI Research, CNRS, Microsoft, Deezer, Dataiku...)

Check our website [fr] Check our twitter

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