Matt Glorion Software Developer

Things I like to work on

— city logistics, freight, transport, environmental impact
— operations research, optimization, modelling, machine learning
— process, automation, tools, software development

Things I've done

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Knowing how to explore and use data is a powerful tool that everyone should know how to use. DataVenture is an open community of students, created to promote de value of Data Science for all in the University of Technology of Compiègne.

We've organized various workshops & conferences on ML / AI topics and developed partnerships, talks & projects with major tech organizations (Facebook AI Research, CNRS, Microsoft, Deezer, Dataiku...)

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The impactometre app allows to assess and compare the environmental impact of up to three meeting scenarios, with many parameters (virtual or face-to-face, number of computers, software, means of transport...), for different spheres of damage: impact on human health, on ecosystem quality, on climate change and on resources. The application was built as an interface for the impactometre-back API.

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